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How To Choose The Best Luggage & Travel
How To Choose The Best Luggage & Travel

A good piece of luggage is essential when packing for a holiday. You won't get all your essential possessions to the hotel without one! However, there is more to a strong piece of travel gear than a secure bag that fits in an overhead compartment of a plane. The following guide offers advice on different types of luggage and important considerations for finding the ideal piece for your needs.


What size luggage do you need?

This is the most important thing to think about first. There is no point being tempted by a pretty new suitcase with fancy features if it isn't big enough for your belongings. You need to carefully consider the amount of items you plan to take and your mode of transportation. Is the suitcase being strapped to the roof of a car, or does it need to fit in an overhead locker on a plane? If it is the latter, this can pose big restrictions on what you take. Get an idea of the ideal dimensions for your travel gear and check the rules and regulations of your airline.


Carry-on luggage vs hold luggage.

if you are taking a smaller bag onto the plane, it needs to be the appropriate size to avoid causing chaos at check-in, or expensive fees. Clever packing in a good, well-organized bag is a must when travelling with a carry-on. There are different types of bags that are suitable for this arrangement. It all depends on size, style and how you plan to transport it at the other end. Small suitcases with handles and wheels are the go-to option for most users. However, a backpack is a great alternative when travelling light. Most of us associate them with backpacking trips and camping, but a good-looking model can work here.


For longer stays and larger quantities of items, there is little choice other than to buy a big suitcase for the cargo hold. Here you need a case with a large capacity, plenty of storage options for different items and enough secure features for some peace of mind. Luggage options with pouches and zippered pockets are ideal for toiletries and paperwork. It also helps to find a bag that will stand out on the carousel - one with a bright cooler or pattern. lf this seems unprofessional on a business trip, get a large, personalized luggage tag.


Soft-sided or hard-sided luggage and travel gear?

There are pros and cons to both soft and hard-sided luggage options. Hard-sided bags are a common choice for hold luggage because of the protective shell. This is great if the baggage handlers at arrivals are a bit clumsy. These bags are often made from lightweight materials, which can reduce the risk of incurring charges. On the other hand, soft-sided bags are more adaptable and can fit into overhead compartments with greater ease. Some of these options also have expandable elements to increase the capacity. The only downside here is they may not offer as much protection or be as easy to clean. Security is important on any piece of luggage, and this means waterproofing, strong zips and locks.


An interesting alternative option in soft-sided travel gear is the duffel. Modern duffel bags are completely different from the rugged gym-bag style luggage we are used to. They are a hybrid of a soft, accommodating bag and a practical piece of luggage which their strong frame, wheels and handles.

Is it really such a good idea to get luggage with wheels and a handle?

The majority of suitcases that are around right now have handles and wheels so that they can be pulled along behind us. This is practical and much easier on the back than a heavy backpack. However, they can be tough on the wrist and the wheels can be annoying on rough surfaces and curbs. Look for a model with wheels built to last and an adjustable handle that can be set at the right height.


It is important to get value for money when buying a good piece of luggage. Once you have your mind set on the right style of bag and the right dimensions, the next obstacle here is the cost. It is all about getting good value for money. You don't want to buy a cheap and nasty bag that may not last a year. At the same time, you don't want to pay a four-figure price tag for something that may get lost or damaged. You need to find the middle ground where you can get all the features you need in a strong bag, without having to get out the credit card. One way of saving a little money on your shopping is to look into luggage sets. There are some brands that sell groups of matching luggage for a lower cost than the individual items.

This could be a great choice for a family vacation. Also, a set with a large case, small case and duffel means that you have options for your next trip.


Where should you go to buy your new piece of luggage?

With a budget in mind and a clear check-list of features, including measurements, it is time to hit the stores. Online shopping always seems like the easy option these days, but here it is best to go to a store to see the item for yourself. Big name stores have luggage departments where you can browse inexpensive items at your leisure. Specialist luggage shops will offer the time and expertise to really compare options. The more you know about an item before you buy it, the happier you will be in the long time. Having said that, a good returns policy never hurts.



try before you buy to make sure that your new travel gear meets all the criteria mentioned in this guide.


It is important to put the bag through its paces to make sure that it is right for you and will do the job. You won’t be able to do a trial pack in the store, but you can open the bag up to look at the capacity, storage options and the quality of the zip. Feel the weight, test out the materials and take it for a spin. If you feel that you can comfortably carry or wheel this model around, fit all your items inside and like the style, you should find it is the right model for you.